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2023 February is a graduation month of sorts for Anikha Surendran. The 18-year-old is metamorphosing into a lead actor, a heroine, in cinema. With ‘Butta Bomma’ already out, and ‘Oh My Darling’ (which also marks her first Malayalam movie as a lead actress) slated for release this Friday (Feb 24), Anikha Surendran is quite thrilled about how her evolution as an actor will be received by the audience.

“I am excited and kinda nervous because you never know how things are going to be,” says Anikha Surendran in an exclusive conversation with ETimes. The teenager, whose Instagram bio reads ‘foulmouthed hillbilly’, is however, equal parts vibrant and mature, a striking trait that one can expect considering her age and over a decade of experience as an actor!

Anikha Surendran tells us that Jeni, the character she plays in her upcoming film ‘Oh My Darling’ is unlike her, “Jeni doesn’t really have any similarity with me, other than the fact that we are of the same age. She is a college student and has a boyfriend. A typical teenager, who is bubbly, and brings a lot of light to the room she is in. Also, she is very much fond of K-Dramas and K-pop.”

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So the Gen-Z Anikha Surendran’s palette doesn’t adhere to K-Dramas or K- pop? “Not really. I have never been into it. My taste in music, movies, and television shows are quite different.Ask Anikha Surendran, then how she connected with the character. “I feel, this movie is quite different from the films that have happened in Malayalam in a while. That’s what attracted me. I am excited to see how people are going to react to it, and accept these characters,” says the young actress.

The promo videos of the film also hinted about the lead characters played by Anikha Surendran and Melvin G Babu consuming alcohol and also performing in intimate scenes. When asked about what were the feedbacks she received so far, considering that the audience has often seen her as a child actress, Anikha Surendran shares, “From what I have heard after the trailer came out, there have been both positive and negative opinions. The positive views are that intimate scenes should be normalized. Because it’s quite normal that people of my age are making out, so it should not be a huge deal. And that negative perspective is that I have been working in the industry for a very long time, and people have literally seen me grow up, so when they suddenly see me as a heroine, and the intimate scenes surprise them.”

‘Oh My Darling’ is undoubtedly a crucial film in Anikha Surendran’s career, considering that it has her playing the lead, we asked the young star how she is planning to navigate further in her career. “Now that I am playing the lead role, doesn’t mean I am only going to stick to that. I have always believed that the characters, and the stories we tell people are what matters. So, that’s not going to change. Going forward, I am not looking for anything in particular. However, I am mostly drawn towards strong characters, and strong women,” she adds.

Anikha Surendran certainly has clarity on what she wants for her career, but that doesn’t mean she stops being a teenager. When we asked the chirpy young star what was the most exciting part about playing Jeni, she surprises and concludes the conversation by adding, “I was really excited about the outfits! I love all things fashion, and with Jeni, I got to play with different looks. I had more control over the fashion side of Jeni, and it was pretty fun!”

Directed by Alfred D Samuel, 'Oh My Darling' also has Mukesh, Lena, Johny Antony, Manju Pillai, Vijaya Raghavan, Nandu, Archana Menon, Fukru, Dain Davis, Rithu, Manoj Sreekanta, and Shaju Sreedha in supporting roles.

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